The Kick Abs!

This a full body workout thats is specific to your CORE.

These workouts are instructional and detailed to specific and safe

Male and Female versions.

Male Version DVD

Female Version DVD

What People Are Saying About KickAbs!

Kick Abs is an essential tool that pushes your limits by training every muscle to work together to strengthen your core. The workout is challenging, but it reminds us all that the greatest machine ever made is the human body.   --Robin G. Age:43

KickAbs! has totally transformed my thinking on how to work on my core. I thought that conventional sit ups or push ups and crunches would get the job done, apparently I was wrong. I truly appreciate this DVD. KickAbs! is awesome! --Graylin A. Age:34

I am a person who does not like to workout, but with the instructional direction that this DVD gives, it allows me to follow along and take the breaks I need. I can pause the video while I complete my workout and have my music in the background. At my speed, doing it my way. Thanks KickAbs! --Tonya K. Age:46

I've done quite a few workout videos and I have not seen anything like this. I was pleasantly surprised to see how these workouts have challenged me and worked parts of my CORE I didn't realize existed. Definitely take advantage of these workouts. They Work! --Hikari H. Age: 37

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